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Multi-Modal Planning and Design

Gorove/Slade integrates sidewalks, trails, bike lanes and bikeways, ADA Accessibility Guidelines and security applications into transportation infrastructure, traffic operations, master planning and site planning. Gorove/Slade has been developing and testing a more comprehensive 'mobility audit' approach which includes bicycle and pedestrian movements as well as other key urban users related to public transportation, enterprise, government and security.

Gorove/Slade has demonstrated the ability to move pedestrians in multimodal settings, addressing pedestrian/vehicle conflicts with passive and active solutions. Federal emphasis and availability of funding has accelerated pedestrian and bicycle planning, design and project implementation, and multiple projects are showing up in Capital Improvement Programs.

Gorove/Slade's transit planning and operation practice focuses on the connection between the transportation system and the land uses being served. Gorove/Slade is experienced in the preparation of traffic engineering and planning studies for land developments related to Metro rail stations in D.C. and surrounding communities. Our transit planning and operations experience also includes rail station area planning, station design, station rehabilitation, transit route planning, and transit resources management. We are often teamed with other professionals for these studies.

Services include:

  • Bicycle route planning
  • Design of bicycle accommodations within roadways
  • Pedestrian interface/traffic design (crosswalks and traffic calming)
  • Bus accommodations features (bus stops, roadway features)

Sample multi-modal planning and design projects