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Signals and Traffic Control Plans

Gorove/Slade has developed hundreds of traffic signal designs with a variety of design applications, working with unique requirements of multiple agencies on behalf of private and public sector clients. Gorove/Slade designs and evaluates signal timings for isolated intersections, arterial coordination, preemption and other state-of-the-art technologies. Our projects involve traditional intersections, pre-emptive emergency station equipment and equipment incorporated into structures such as parking facilities and bridges.

Gorove/Slade optimizes progression in one and two directions on arterial streets and urban grid networks. Our signal design capabilities include specification of modern equipment such as magnetic loop vehicle detection (actuated) systems as well as the more traditional fixed-time traffic signals. Gorove/Slade optimizes the systems using computer analysis software such as Synchro, Sim-Traffic and CORSIM.

Services include:

  • Traffic signal warrant analyses
  • Traffic signal design

Sample signal and traffic control plan studies