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Transportation Studies

Traffic Studies
Gorove/Slade works on behalf of its clients with municipal agencies that plan, implement, and operate traffic control systems and devices such as traffic signals, stop signs, pavement markings, and occasionally by traffic control officers.

Gorove/Slade designs traffic signals and prepares signing and striping plans for all of the traffic control devices necessary to maintain peak efficiencies on the public travel networks. Our experts in traffic operations help to identify measures to protect sensitive neighborhoods from traffic and parking encroachment using such devices as traffic calming. We also have experience in the development of traffic control plans for major construction projects to ensure that the constraints on the network imposed by these projects do not create critical impacts on capacity and safety.

Services include:

  • Traffic simulation model design and maintenance
  • Traffic volume forecasting
  • Roadway intersection and interchange design
  • Traffic control system design
  • Event facilities planning
  • Interact with transportation agencies to help negotiate favorable access provisions


Traffic System Planning and Design
Gorove/Slade provides project planning services from inception through implementation and operation. Pre-implementation tasks involve site assessments to determine the infrastructure requirements that are the basis for project costs and an assessment of the feasibility to implement the needed infrastructure. If a project is determined feasible, Gorove/Slade is prepared to work with public agencies to delineate the features of the traffic, transportation, and parking systems and to provide public testimony as required. Gorove/Slade typically continues through project planning, providing input to the project architects and construction managers.

Services include:

  • Roadway cross section planning
  • Roadway striping planning and design
  • Traffic regulatory sign design
  • Circulation planning
  • Traffic operations planning for event days
  • Signing planning for special events
  • Medical emergency facility access and design
  • Hospital front door- patient drop-off/pick-up design
  • Service access design
  • Development of traffic control plans for on campus construction projects


Transportation Demand Management
Transportation Demand Management (TDM) seeks to reduce the costs of congestion, pollution, delays, and the construction of infrastructure by providing commuters with alternatives to driving alone thereby reducing traffic and parking demand. Gorove/Slade evaluates, develops, implements and monitors TDM programs on behalf of major employers such as federal agencies, college campuses, and major corporations. Gorove/Slade takes an asset management approach to evaluating how clients' resources can be invested most efficiently, and then measures the effectiveness of the programs, evaluates and adjusts them.

Services include:

  • Transportation/Parking demand management planning


Sample Transportation Studies