Loudoun County Public School

Traffic & Transportation Studies

Studies include most types outlined in the Transportation Planning Handbook published by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), to include:

  • Traffic and Transportation Impact Studies
  • Urban Area/Multi-modal (auto, pedestrian, bicycle, transit) Transportation Studies
  • Corridor Studies
  • Central Area and Major Activity Center Studies
  • Traffic and Travel Volume Studies
  • Roadway Capacity Studies

Generally, for these studies Gorove Slade:

  1. Collects and analyzes existing condition information related to the transportation/traffic characteristics of a project area
  2. Identifies current problems if any
  3. Forecasts future transportation/traffic demand on the area, based on background volume changes plus any demand changes caused specifically by the project under study
  4. Identifies future problems if any
  5. Develops solutions to mitigate those problems
  6. Makes recommendations as to a preferred solution

The firm has completed transportation studies for projects as small as single convenience stores to multi-million square foot mixed-used development projects.

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